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December 2019
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der zyklus: formenverwandler

curated by sam hart and harm van den dorpel

included works

dana baddad upcoming pendulum print
by laura brown
amazon worker cage poster
by simon denny
peace clock .saver
by eric li and zak jensen
extended youth poster
by omsk social club
about us 2020 calendar
by niko princen
setting for a wasp (...) poster
by adriana ramić
billy rennekamp upcoming calendars.earth .saver
by micah schippa
flight simulator pins
by schwulst, soft, and akkapeddi
flight simulator poster
by schwulst, soft, and akkapeddi
untitled (my unique identifier) poster
by justice thélot
year .saver
by damon zucconi


this exhibition at blockchain co-working space full node berlin brings together a selection of works that deal with notions of time and (im)mutability. various software clocks will be installed on computers or projected, complemented with printed posters, a calendar, and wearable pins.

the title references the song 'formenverwandler' by Der Zyklus (Gerald Donald aka heinrich müller, 2001), in which vocals declare: I’m shape-shifting from place to place, bending time, curving space.

similar to this song, the works in this show reflect on time and change on subjective terms, by suggesting alternative representations and visualizations of this most fundamental of units.

many thanks to kei kreutler, beth mccarthy, billy rennekamp, sophie ricarda, and full node for their generous support.

december 3, 2019 18:30 - drinks will be served

full node berlin
Skalitzer Strasse 85-86
10997 Berlin, Germany

more information on full node site…

"year (purple silver)" by damon zucconi, 2016

"calendars.earth" by micah schippa, 2019